Hi! I´m Kristina, a norwegian illustrator and designer living and working in Oslo. 

My experience as a designer startet in fashion and retail. Now that I freelance, I design fashion prints for both kids and adults, as well as packaging, labels and campaigns. Check out my "Fashion Graphics" page to see some of my work. 

Most of my design work is illustration-based as I love to create characters and worlds. Click on my "Illustration" page to see the kinds of stuff I like to draw. 

I´ve worked with alot of inspiring clients: Helly Hansen, Diplom Is, Klokk&Co, Voice, Dressmann, Heimen Husfliden,  Figenschou Forlag and Nille. 

My first children´s book was published in 2017.  It´s called "Smånissenes Juleleksikon", loosely translated as "Santa´s helpers christmas encyclopedia". My next book "Let-of-finn ABC" is currently being published by Cappelen Damm, and will be finished in the fall of 2020.

If you want to say hi, collaborate or ask me something please feel free!

Want to buy a high quality print of an illustration? Check out my online shop! Does your company need patterns or prints for products? Buy digital patterns ready to use from the Pattern Shop.

Clients include:

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